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Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, occurs when one person causes physical or psychological harm to a current or former intimate partner. It includes all acts of violence within the context of family or intimate relationships. Whether you are being abused or have been falsely accused of abuse, our experienced attorneys at The Law Firm of Wendy R. Morgan know how confusing and stressful any domestic violence charge can be for all parties involved and are committed to assisting all individuals in protecting their legal rights and interests.

Matters brought under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act are generally emergency matters that require immediate attention and a proper understanding of the Court system to achieve necessary protection. Matters brought under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act are also generally time sensitive and must be brought before the Court as soon as possible following an incident of abuse to preserve the emergency nature of the relief sought.

Matters brought under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act also involve the defense of a party who is wrongfully accused of abuse, threats and harassment, and who needs representation to defend against a false claim or spurious claim. Our attorneys are experienced in litigating Domestic Violence matters and resolving them favorably for our clients.

Orders of Protection are sought both in conjunction with and independently of a divorce, legal separation and/or paternity action. Where there is imminent danger of future harm, an Order of Protection is a quasi criminal proceeding which offers the protected party protection by way of the Court system and the Police.

When pursuing a Domestic Violence Petition for Order of Protection and/or defending one to ensure that the rights of the party are being properly protected, it is critical to have representation of skilled and experienced attorneys. Domestic violence charges can result in anything from a sentence of probation or conditional discharge to time in the county jail or even prison. Under some circumstances, a domestic violence charge can even be enhanced to a felony charge depending on the prior criminal history of the accused or the circumstances of the case. Domestic violence charges against you require a quality legal defense that is able to get to the root causes of allegations that can come between family members in crisis and lead to a domestic violence charge.

If you are an intimate partner or spouse who has been abused by your partner or spouse, threatened, harassed, or stalked, contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced, understanding, knowledgeable and skilled attorneys. If you or your family has been involved in a heated marital argument or dispute between a parent and child to the degree that domestic battery charges are brought, contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

The Law Firm of Wendy R. Morgan is a well established Family Law practice with over 30 years of extensive experience in handling complex matrimonial and family law matters, including domestic violence charges and orders of protection. Knowledgeable advice and reliable representation from our experienced Family Law Attorneys are critical and necessary when pursuing domestic violence issues.

If you have questions about Domestic Violence Charges or Obtaining an Order of Protection, contact The Law Firm of Wendy R. Morgan to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced Family Law Attorneys.

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